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Here is the list of final topics with abstracts and speaker CVs to view and presentations for downloading.

Pre-Conference Meeting

ID 101
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/101.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/01-07_HORVAT_Specific_Aspects_EU-US_S_T_Cooperation-PRE_101.pdf" target="_blank">Horvat</a>
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/01-07-KAMMANN_BILAT_USA_2_DLR-PRE_101.pdf" target="_blank">Kammann</a>
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/01-07-KELLER_BILAT__EU_US-PRE_101.pdf" target="_blank">Keller</a>
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/01-07-KOENIG-BILAT-USA__FFG-PRE_101.pdf" target="_blank">K&ouml;nig</a>
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/01-07-NORDQUIST-EARMA_BILAT_USA_2-PRE_101.pdf" target="_blank">Nordquist</a>
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/01-07-SVENNINGSEN-_BILAT_EU_US_pre-conference-PRE_101.pdf" target="_blank">Svenningsen</a>
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/01-07-KRASINSKI-EARMA_BILAT_USA_2_Moderator-PRE_101.pdf" target="_blank">Krasinski</a>
Enhancing EU - US Research Cooperation: The Bilat USA 2.0 project
<i>Manfred Horvat, EU Research Management, Vienna University of Technology/ AT (tbc)
Vera Kammann, Deutsches Luft- und Raumfahrt Zentrum (DLR) / DE
Dan Nordquist, Washington State University (WSU) & (NCURA) / U.S.A
Agatha Keller, ETH Zurich /CH
Olaf Svenningsen, University of Southern Denmark / DK
Ralf König, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), NCP / AT
Moderator: Zygmunt Krasinski, Deputy Director of NCP / PL</i>

Plenary Sessions

ID 66
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/66.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/02-07-NACZINSKY-EARMA_2013-H2020_PS_66.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation 1</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/02-07-METTHEY_EARMA-H2020-PS_66.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation 2</a>
EU Strategy and Horizon 2020 - The European Commission and the Austrian Perspective
<i>Metthey, Jack, DG Research and Innovation / BE; Naczinsky, Christian, Austrian Ministry of Science /AT</i>
ID 72
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/72.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/03-07_HORVAT_EARMA_2013-30thEURTD-PS-72.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
30th Anniversary of EU Framework Programmes of Research, Innovation and Technology: Achievements and lessons learned
<i>Horvat, Manfred Professor, TU Wien / AT</i>
ID 48
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/48.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/04-07-SCHUCH_EARMA2013-International-H2020_PS_48.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation 1</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/04-07-CLAXTON_EARMA2013_International_Cooperation_PS_48.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation 2</a>
The international dimension in H2020
<i>John Claxton, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission / BE
Klaus Schuch, Strategic Research Management, ZSI / AT</i>

Presentations, Workshops and Panel Sessions

<b>Track 1: Grants Management of Collaborative Research and Financial Issues</b>
ID 26
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/26.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/02-07-TWICKLER-EARMA-EuropeAid-T1_26.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
T1Grants Management of EuropeAid projects
<i>Theresia Twickler, Senior EU consultant and owner of TwicklerTraining / NL</i>
ID 38
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/38.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/02-07-KITLEY-Practicalities_in_FP7_financial_reporting-T1_38.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
T1Practicalities in the Financial Management of FP7 projects; An outlook to audits and Horizon 2020 rules
<i>Kitley, Gabor, CEO, Europa Media Ltd Budapest / HU</i>
ID 46
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/46.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/03-07-SVENNINGSEN-NIH_Workshop_EARMA_2013-T1_46.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
T1Preparing a proposal to the NIH (USA) -­ how to interpret the call and submit the application
<i>Svenningsen, Olaf, Head of Research Support, University of Southern Denmark, Faculty of Health Sciences, Odense / DK</i>
ID 64
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/64.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/04-07-McCARTHY-EARMA2013-Impact-H2020-Hyperion-T1_64.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
T1The Importance of "Impact" in Horizon 2020
<i>McCarthy, Sean, Director Hyperion Ltd, Cork / IE</i>
ID 65
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/65.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/03-07-HAERTWICH-IGrantMgtS-vienna-T1_65.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
T1Integrated Grant management services for Horizon 2020
<i>Härtwich, Peter, Head of Simplification / eFP7 Communication Office RTD M3.1, European Commission, Brussels / BE</i>
ID 81
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/81.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/02-07-GLIKSOHN-EARMA-ELI-track_1_81.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
T1Extrem Light Infrastructure: Experience with a novel funding model for Research Infrastructure projects (FP7, structural funds and ERIC contributions)
<i>Gliksohn, Florian, ELI-DC AISBL Management Board, Brussels / BE</i>
ID 102
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/102.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/04-07-LINVILL-SMITH-EARMA-pivot-ProQuest-T1_102.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
T1Discover the best grant opportunities through a streamlined workflow process
<i>Chair: Marie Linvill, Director of ProQuest / UK</i>
<b>Track 2: Legal Aspects and Governance, Ethics and Compliance Issues</b>
ID 61
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/61.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/04-07-SCHALLNAU_Disputes_WIPO-EARMA2013-T2_61.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
T2Experiences and Best Practice on Dispute Resolution in R&D and Commercial Agreements
<i>Schallnau, Judith, Legal Staff, WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, Geneva / CH</i>
ID 62
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/62.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/02-07-THIES-WERNER-DESCA-EARMA2013_T2_62.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
T2Horizon2020: the legal Framework
<i>Thies, Annika, Legal Counsel/ Deputy Director, Helmholtz Brussels Office, Brussels / BE; Werner Kathrin, Fraunhofer Institu / DE</i>
ID 74
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/74.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/02-07-SCHIJNS-Third_parties_specials_T2_74.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation 1</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/02-07-STRINGER-Third_Parties_Specials_T2_74.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation 2</a>
T2Third Party in FP7. Real Case analysis (legal and financial issues)
<i>Schijns, Michael; FP7 Legal and Financial, National Contact Point, Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague / NL, John Stringer UK Barrister, General manager of Berkley Associates SPRL / UK</i>
ID 80
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/80.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
<a href="fileadmin/earma2013/presentations/03-07-RAWNSLEY-EARMA2013-integrity_T2_80.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a>
T2Managing research ethics processes
<i>Andrew Rawnsley, Research Governance and Training Manager Teeside University / UK</i>
<b>Track 3: Recognition of the Profession: Research Office Services and Professional Development</b>
ID 33
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/33.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T3OUTSIDE-IN THINKING: Where optimistic research managers take on the European Commission's challenges by sharing ideas, questions and resources. (Ignorance is expensive)
<i>Keller, Agatha & Glauner, Annika, Co-Head & Senior Research Manager, EU GrantsAccess, International Research Programmes - ETH Zurich - University of Zurich / CH</i>
ID 45
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/45.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T3The ultimate challenge in competitive proposal writing: pull a success team together
<i>Demise Wallen + Susanne Rahner, Senior Fellow and Senior Research Officer + Director, University of Mew Mexico, Albuquerque / US + YGGDRASIL Project Management Trainings, Berlin / DE</i>
ID 53
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/53.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T3DEVELOPING SUCCESSFUL LEADERS: Why "getting the right idea" does not necessarily mean getting the idea right
<i>Glauner, Annika; Senior programme & research manager, University of Zurich I ETH Zurich / CH</i>
ID 56
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/56.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T3Research administration as a choice of career
<i>Korsgaard, Helen, Research Consultant, University of Southern Denmark, Odense / DK</i>
ID 82
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/82.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T3Post Graduate Studies for research managers and administrators - a successful model of educational/training network implemented in Poland
<i>Krasinski, Zygmunt; Deputy Director of the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences, / PL and 7 panelists</i>
ID 84
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/84.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T3How do project building consultants work in Europe?
<i>Boedeker, Stina, Research Funding Specialist, University of Tampere / FI</i>
ID 52
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/52.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T3EARMA Ambassadors Round Table - EARMA Future perspectives
<i>Chair: Jan Andersen, University of Copenhagen / DK</i>
<b>Track 4: Research Strategies and Policies</b>
ID 22
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/22.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T4Improving Research Management for Improving Research Outcomes
<i>Kirk, Martin, Office of Research Services/Director, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. / CA</i>
ID 31
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/31.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T4Implementing "HR Excellence" for Researchers: A Multi-regional, Muli-agency Perspective
<i>John Donovan, Head of Research, Dublin Institute of Technology / IE
Justin Synnot, Research Programme & Support Manager, University College Dublin / IE
Sandra Milovanovic, Croatian Science Foundation / CR
Riitta Pyykko, Vice Rector, University of Turku / FI
Elin Kollerud, EURAXESS Coordinator in the Norwegian Research Council / NO </i>
ID 58
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/58.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T4Snowball Metrics: an institutional perspective on the intelligence needed to support evidence-based strategic planning
<i>Green, John, Chairman of Snowball Metrics Steering Committee, University of Cambridge, London / GB</i>
ID 70
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/70.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T4Science Europe: A Collaborative Approach to the European Research Area
<i>Crowfoot, Amanda, Director, Science Europe, Brussels / BE</i>
ID 71
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/71.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T4Helping the voice of of Europe's top scientists - The process and outcome of Copenhagen Research Forum
<i>Bak, Jonas, EU Adviser, CreoDK, Copenhagen / DK</i>
ID 76
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/76.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T4Widening Participation: connecting Structural Funds and Horizon 2020
<i>Speaker form DG Region and second speaker from DG R&I</i>
ID 77
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/77.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T4Open Access - national policies in the member states
<i>Werenskiold, Anne Katrin ERA WG Chair</i>
ID 83
<a href="/fileadmin/earma2013/abstracts/83.html" target="_blank">Abstract</a>
T4What future for the SSH in the European Research Area?
<i>Galleron, Ioana, Senior lecturer and co-director of the EvalHum Initiative, European University of Brittany and Maison des Sciences de l\'Homme en Bretagne, Lorient / FR</i>


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